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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Tiles for Your Renovation March 4, 2019

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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Tiles for Your Renovation, Washington, Connecticut

Upgrading your pool can breathe new life into the space and give it a refreshed appearance. Homeowners often do an upgrade if their pool was installed years ago or they’re thinking about selling their property and want to increase its appeal. When selecting tiles for a renovation, keep these tips in mind.

A Guide to Selecting Pool Tiles 

1. Establish a Budget

The most important initial decision to make is your budget. Without that, you can’t accurately assess your options and narrow down your choices to one or two affordable styles. Costs depend on numerous factors, including the material and the square footage of your tiling space. Your swimming pool contractor can provide you with precise figures, but keep in mind that glass tiles are generally more costly than ceramic ones.

2. Focus on Quality

poolProperly designed tiles will do more than add aesthetic appeal to your pool; they’ll also enhance its safety. Look for options that are slip-resistant to prevent falls and injuries. Additionally, select tiles that are backed by a lifetime guarantee. If damage or discoloration occurs, your swimming pool contractor will fix the issue.

3. Select a Design

Pools add character to outdoor spaces. You can improve the look by selecting tiles that convey a certain theme. You may choose mosaic tiles and pattern them to resemble tropical motifs, for example, or create a rainbow of hues. Choose white or light blue hues to make it easier to detect the pool’s depth. The exterior is another place where tiles add personality. Opt for smooth pebble or slate to give the space a resort-like appearance.


The experts at Distinctive Swimming Pools in Washington, CT, are proud to serve homeowners throughout Fairfield and Litchfield counties. The company specializes in swimming pool renovations, repairs, and cleaning services. They’ll work closely with you to bring your vision to life, and they’ll protect the integrity of your investment via regular maintenance year-round. Visit the website to find out more, or call them at (860) 868-3622.

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