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Why Your Company Should Take Advantage of Happy Hour March 1, 2019

Gulf Shores, Baldwin
Why Your Company Should Take Advantage of Happy Hour , Gulf Shores, Alabama

When your only interactions occur at the office, relationships between coworkers can feel impersonal. That’s why going on optional outings for beer, wine, and cocktails can be very beneficial for your company. Here are four reasons to take your employees out to happy hour.

The Importance of Company Happy Hours

1. Happier Employees

Workers who are content with their jobs are more likely to stay and put in high-quality work every day. Loyalty is essential for an effectively run business, so it’s critical to ensure your employees are happy. Offering a variety of perks, like free food and cocktails at happy hour, can be seen as a reward for their labor and a sign of appreciation from employers. Genuine recognition for workplace accomplishments is a great incentive for workers to continue doing their best.

2. Better Work Environment

cocktailsMake sure your office is a positive environment by encouraging your employees to bond. It’s easier for coworkers to get to know one another in a relaxed setting, where they can drink cocktails, unwind, and chat about subjects unrelated to work. The more frequent the outings, the closer they’ll be, leading to fewer misunderstandings at work. This creates a more cohesive and productive workforce.

3. Casual Business

Even an informal event is useful for getting some work done. While every happy hour you attend doesn’t need to be used for business, hosting a few brainstorming sessions at your favorite restaurant can lead to fresh new ideas. These cocktail outings can make work feel fun, resulting in positive views of the company.

4. Celebrate Special Occasions

Is there a birthday or company milestone coming up? Are you looking for ways to celebrate a recent office achievement? Use happy hour to celebrate the occasion. Not only will everybody have access to delicious food and drinks, no one will need to worry about setup, catering, cooking, or cleanup. These celebrations often make a business feel like a community, or even a family, where employees can enjoy each other’s company and work efficiently together.


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