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3 Carpentry Terms You Should Know March 21, 2019

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3 Carpentry Terms You Should Know, Norwood, Ohio

Whether you are thinking about getting into woodworking or you are a lifelong hobbyist who loves building with their hands, there is always more you can learn about carpentry. As an age-old tradition of craftsmanship, woodworking is more complex than most people think, which can make it difficult to master. Here are three carpentry terms you should know, and how they could help you the next time you hit the lumber supply shop. 

A Guide to Common Carpentry Terms

1. Miter Cut

While many new woodworkers are familiar with rip cuts, which are cuts that run parallel to the grain, and cross-cuts, which are perpendicular to the grain, miter cuts are diagonal to the grain, and usually at 45-degree angles. Miter cuts are important anytime you need to create an edge on a piece, as good miters create a great profile and a strong edge. Miter cuts are usually made with a miter saw, although they can be made with circular saws or other small woodworking tools you can find at lumber supply and woodworking shops. 

2. Dado lumber supply

When you want to interlock boards, your table saw’s dado blade will become your best friend. Dado blades are a special compound blade that is designed to carve long grooves into the flat side of boards, enabling woodworkers to make things like bookshelves, boxes, and other simple projects. Dados are typically made to fit a specific thickness of board, and glue can be inserted into the groove to strengthen the joint. Lumber supply shops will not typically cut dados for you, but you can work with specialists to find wood strong enough to handle dados. 

3. Dry Fit

One of the most important concepts in woodworking is planning carefully, which is why dry fitting is so important. Dry fitting is the process of putting together a project without glue or screws to make sure things fit properly before the project is finished. Dry fitting helps woodworkers to spot problems with the construction before things are made permanent, yielding a better end result. 


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