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4 Common Varieties of Snakes Found in Connecticut March 15, 2019

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4 Common Varieties of Snakes Found in Connecticut , New Milford, Connecticut

Connecticut is home to a diverse collection of creatures, including many different species of snake. While many of these reptiles pose no threat to humans, there are a couple that can be dangerous. By learning how to properly identify these common snakes, you’ll know what situations call for professional animal control.

Common Connecticut Snakes

1. Common Garter Snake

One of the most prolific varieties of snake found in the state, the common garter snake is easily identifiable thanks to the yellow or white stripes along the length of its body. These snakes dwell almost anywhere including backyards, moist regions, forests, and even parking lots. Garter snakes are not dangerous, but animal control professionals advise caution, as bites can cause some swelling.

2. Eastern Worm Snake

Ranging from seven to 14 inches in length, it’s easy to see why this relatively small variety of snake got its name. The pale gray or pink color of its shiny and smooth scales coupled with the distinct point of its tail give the creature an earthworm-like appearance (its diet is primarily earthworms as well). You might see this snake in woodland areas or gardens.

3. Copperhead

animal controlThe copperhead is one of two venomous snakes found in Connecticut and should only be approached or handled by professional animal control personnel. Found in rocky regions, swamp edges, or meadows, the copperhead is copper colored with brown or red bands running along its body and a head that looks wider than the neck. The copperhead is commonly confused with other, non-venomous snakes such as the milk snake and northern water snake, so it’s best to call professionals if you’re unsure of what is slithering around in your yard.

4. Timber Rattlesnake

The second of the state’s venomous snakes, the timber rattlesnake is fairly recognizable thanks to its namesake — a segmented rattle round on the tip of its tail. Like the copperhead, the timber rattlesnake’s head looks wider than its neck, but its brown, black, or yellow body is thicker and has dark V-shaped markings. This snake is commonly found in forests with rocky areas.


If you suspect a dangerous snake has made your property its home, the animal control experts of American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services in New Milford, CT, are ready to humanely remove it. With more than 40 years of experience and a crew of National Wildlife Control Operators Association-licensed technicians, this business specializes in the safe and ethical removal of animals from homes and property and also works to prevent them from reappearing. Visit the website to learn more about the services available or call (860) 355-1231 to speak with a friendly representative today.

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