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How Does Ballet Benefit Football Players? March 1, 2019

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How Does Ballet Benefit Football Players?, Newark, Ohio

While strength is integral when playing a high-impact sport like football, many other physical factors count towards success. That’s why many football players take up ballet, which also requires a high degree of physicality. The following are a few benefits ballet classes offer football players.

Enhances Balance

Anyone who’s seen a dancer walking en pointe knows that it requires a great deal of balance. While it might not be obvious, balance is also essential to football players. Consider what it takes for a player to turn on a dime when running or to jump up to catch a ball. Without proper balance, an athlete may fall quite a bit, which gets in the way of making a play.

Boosts Flexibility

balletFlexibility significantly improves the abilities of an athlete. For instance, consider the role flexibility plays in evading a tackle or catching the ball. It also reduces the chance of a muscle pull or other injury, which can negatively impact a player’s future in the sport. With ballet, being flexible is a key component of performing complex maneuvers.

Increases Speed

Muscle tension actually decreases speed, and when playing football, it’s natural to tense up in anticipation of taking a hit. Ballet emphasizes relaxed but deliberate muscle movement, which makes the body far more agile. By relaxing muscles, an athlete will be faster and able to utilize more precise muscle movements, which will greatly improve their game.


If you’re an athlete in Newark, OH, looking to hone your skills, Joan Garrett Dance Arts Studio will help you reach new heights. With more than five decades of experience, instructor Joan Garrett and the rest of her skilled staff help people of all experience levels meet and exceed fitness goals. Classes are suited to many different ages and abilities, including beginner, advanced, and intermediate. Along with ballet, this school also teaches hip-hop, jazz, and even tap-dancing lessons. Learn more about registration by visiting the website. Call (740) 344-8789 for more information on enrollment.

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