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The Do's & Don’ts of Ordering a Wedding Cake March 1, 2019

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The Do's & Don’ts of Ordering a Wedding Cake, Covington, Kentucky

One of the elements guests remember most about a wedding is the quality of the food. Since your wedding cake will be the grand finale of the event, the decisions you make surrounding this once-in-a-lifetime dessert demand careful consideration. Here are a few tips to follow and mistakes to avoid to ensure sweet success.


Establish a budget.

As with all aspects of a wedding, you should have an idea about how much can be reasonably spent on your wedding cake before placing the order. Prices will vary by size, which is ultimately influenced by the number of guests you anticipate.

Have your wedding style in mind.

Choosing your wedding cake involves much more than deciding on flavors you like. On your big day, your cake may also include flowers (either real or fake), colors, and details to reflect the occasion’s overall theme. Therefore, pin down your desired style before you go for a tasting.


Bypass the tasting.

cakeThe time leading up to your nuptials may be busy, so set aside some time for your cake tasting. This will ensure you and your bride or groom each love the flavors. A cake from a quality bakery may be unlike anything you’ve tasted before, so taste a few icings and flavor combinations until you find the perfect match.

Attempt to please everyone.

Your future in-laws may hint that they love espresso, while guests on your side may have an aversion to red velvet. Ultimately, it will be impossible to please all of your guests, so choose a cake based on what you like best as a couple.


Whether it’s for a wedding, milestone birthday, or any other special occasion, Emerson’s Bakery is your source for quality cakes and desserts. Serving Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area since 1970, the trusted company has five convenient locations. The baked goods they produce are handmade with the finest, freshest ingredients. Find your nearest location online or call (859) 371-9228 to discuss your wedding cake or special dessert with one of their staff members.

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