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How to Soothe Sleepover Anxiety in Children March 7, 2019

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How to Soothe Sleepover Anxiety in Children, Delray Beach, Florida

As a parent, preparing your child for their first sleepover is an exciting rite of passage. That being said, it’s normal for young ones to feel anxious sleeping away from home for the very first time. To avoid bad dreams and homesickness, consider embracing the following tips to ensure their sleepover is an enjoyable and memorable experience. 

3 Tips to Reduce a Child’s Sleepover Stress

1. Talk Through the Experience

After your child receives a sleepover invitation, sit down and talk to them about the evening to come. Ask about the invite list of friends and their expectations for the night. Next, call the parents who are hosting to ask about the setup, dinner and snack plans, and whether they have pets to take into consideration. By eliminating surprises, you can feel assured that your child will sleep through the night, free of bad dreams.

2. Try a Sleepover at a Relative’s House First 

Bad DreamsBefore the sleepover, schedule a practice run at a neighbor or relative’s house. This will give your child an opportunity to understand what it will be like to sleep away from their bedroom; however, they will still be in a comfortable environment where they can be consoled about bad dreams or openly discuss if they want to go home without embarrassment or shame. 

3. Invest in Sleep Aids for Children

In the days and weeks leading up to the sleepover, consider investing in a fun and useful sleep aid for children like The Dream Pillow™. The Dream Pillow™ is a cozy pillow that doubles as a dream book holder. By having a comfortable, fun, and practical item to bring to their sleepover, your child will be fully prepared and excited for an evening with friends. 


The Dream Pillow™ is a unique and fun sleep aid for children, invented by an imaginative 7-year old. This soft and fluffy pillow contains a special sleeve to house your storybook or dream diary so you can read or write about bedtime and shoo away bad dreams. To learn more about this creative gift for kids, call their Delray Beach, FL, headquarters at (561) 272-0018. To purchase one for your child’s sleepover, visit their website or connect with them on Instagram.

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