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What is a epidural steroid injection? May 7, 2019

What is a epidural steroid injection? , Shakopee, Minnesota

What is an epidural steroid injection?
An epidural steroid injection is a type of therapeutic injection that places corticosteroid and a local anesthetic into the epidural space around the spinal cord. This injection is to help with chronic pain related to spinal stenosis and/or a disc herniation.

What parts of the body can this injection be performed?
An epidural steroid injection can be performed on the cervical (neck), thoracic (mid-upper back) and lumbar (low back) spine.

What are the benefits of an epidural steroid injection?
Epidural steroid injections are commonly given to patients who have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and/or a disc herniation. Benefits include: provide relief from pain by reducing the inflammation, minimally invasive, and an alternative to spinal surgery.

How quickly does it start working and long does it last?
Typically, an epidural steroid injection can take up to 10 days to start working, but it depends on each individual patient. Some patients experience pain relief anywhere from a few months up to a year or longer. It is important to note, that sometimes a second injection may be needed if your symptoms are not relieved within a few weeks. Also, other injections may be considered as well.

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