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4 Do’s & Don’ts for Safe Internet Access March 4, 2019

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4 Do’s & Don’ts for Safe Internet Access, Wapakoneta, Ohio

People rely on internet access for everything from music and movies to banking and paying bills. But while the web is a wonderful resource, it can also be a dangerous place if you don’t know how to protect yourself. Here are some must-follow do’s and don’t for staying safe online.


Install antivirus software.

Any device that has internet access is susceptible to viruses and malware, which can damage operating systems, slow down internet service, and compromise your personal information. Installing antivirus software (and updating it regularly) will help safeguard your devices from infection. This includes smartphones, which are just as vulnerable as computers — according to a report by the cybersecurity company Symantec, the number of malware applications found on mobile devices increased by 54% in 2017.

Shop only on secure sites.

internet accessOnline retailers make shopping convenient, but you have to be careful when entering sensitive information such as bank account info and credit card numbers. To make sure that a website is secure, look for a small padlock symbol in the address bar, as well as a web address that begins with “https://” (versus “http://”). The added “s” stands for “secure.”


Forget to set up parental controls. 

If you decide to give your kids internet access, enabling parental controls on computers and mobile phones is a must. They allow you to monitor online activity, limit usage, track location, and block access to specific words, images, and websites.

Use the same password for every account.

No matter how unique or strong a password may be, using the same one across multiple sites is like using the same key for your home, office, and safety deposit box. If a hacker gains access to one, all of your other accounts become vulnerable. Use a unique password for every account and avoid repeating easy-to-remember words such as pet’s names or sports teams. 


For more online safety tips and services, get in touch with TSC in Wapakoneta, OH. Since 1921, this telecommunications company has provided households and businesses with everything they need to stay connected, including landline telephone service, internet access, web hosting solutions, and cable TV. Visit their website to learn about the wireless internet services they offer, or call (419) 739-2200 to speak with an expert about internet safety today.

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