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5 Types of Car Damage After a Rear-End Collision March 6, 2019

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5 Types of Car Damage After a Rear-End Collision, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

A rear-end collision can be distressing. Even if it is just a fender bender that left a small scuff or dent, it is still crucial to have your vehicle checked for any hidden issues. Operational troubles like misalignment and faulty transmissions that are left unchecked can make your vehicle unsafe to drive. Aside from dent repair, below are other complications to look out for.  

Issues That Arise From Rear-End Collisions

1. Misalignment

A collision can result in alignment problems. Wheels that are misaligned point slightly outward in the wrong direction. This problem causes your vehicle to pull toward one side, which results in uneven tread wear and damage to the brakes, suspension, and steering. It also diminishes maneuverability, vehicle handling, and fuel economy.   

2. Transmission Problems

Rear- and all-wheel-drive vehicles have transmission components that may sustain damage from rear-end collisions. Tell-tale signs that your transmission took a hit from the accident include slipping gears, difficulty shifting, and active leaks. Look out for clunky or dull thudding sounds when you change gears, as this can indicate loose parts that affect how you accelerate or decelerate.  

3. Underlying Body Damage

dent repairDents are not the only auto body damages to look out for. In some cases, rear-end collisions can bend the frame as well. Most bumpers are made of plastic and are normally unable to absorb significant impact, causing the force to be transferred to the frame instead. A bent body frame may lead to the misalignment of cameras and sensors under the warning system. Moreover, a weakened frame might not be able to withstand another significant impact, compromising your safety on the road.

4. Faulty Trunk

Because trunks sit at the back, it’s likely that they will also get damaged after a rear-end collision. Components like compartment locks and hinges can get out of alignment, which makes it difficult to close the trunk properly. It can also pop open suddenly while driving, reducing your visibility of cars behind you. In addition to dent repair, have the frame and trunks checked as well.

5. Loose Electrical Connections

Your car’s electrical wiring runs up to the back of the vehicle, and a rear impact can cause connections to loosen inadvertently. Not only will it affect your sound system, but it may also cut off the tail and signal lights. Without them, drivers behind you won’t see you in the dark or know your intentions of stopping or changing lanes.


After a harrowing rear-end collision, take your vehicle to a professional auto repair shop for an extensive inspection. For top-notch collision and dent repair, count on the experts at Dings, Dents & Details in Lexington, KY. Serving residents throughout the area for over 25 years, they specialize in dent removal and the repair of door dings and hail damage. Call (859) 327-3464 or inquire about dent repair via their website.

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