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Why Do Windshields Fog Up? March 1, 2019

Hastings, Adams
Why Do Windshields Fog Up?, Hastings, Nebraska

Most drivers have had to deal with a foggy windshield while driving. While it's usually more of an annoyance than a serious problem, it might result in an accident if your visibility is compromised. Here's a rundown of what causes this phenomenon and what you can do about it.

What Causes Windshields to Be Foggy?

Warm, moist air liquefies when it makes contact with a cold windshield, resulting in condensation. This problem often happens to people who drive early in the morning or in the winter and turn on the heat. It's also the reason why condensation forms at the base of the windshield when the AC is on full blast during hot, humid days. Sometimes, just your exhalations are enough to create a temperature differential in the car, causing the glass to fog.

What Can You Do About It?

windshieldsTurning the heat on and directing it at the windshield instead of inward should help the condensed water to evaporate. Alternatively, you can also try wiping the glass with a dry cloth to clear it, then turning on the AC. Left on long enough, this colder, naturally dryer air will effectively combat the moisture within the car, helping to clear your view again. In either case, the goal is to wait until the windshield and the inside of the car have become approximately the same temperature.

However, be careful not to heat up the car or cool it down too quickly since a large shift in the indoor climate can cause your auto glass to contract or expand slightly. Done often enough, this can cause a stress crack, which will require the help of professionals to fix. Instead, let the temperature slowly adjust for about 15 minutes before attempting to drive.


While resolving a foggy windshield is fairly simple, other visibility issues—from chips to cracks—require expert help. If your car windows are in need of repair, turn to the knowledgable team at Auto Glass Experts in Hastings, NE. The family-owned company boasts four decades of experience and offers mobile replacement and repair services for your safety and convenience. Check out their website or call (402) 463-0025.

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