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What Is Cupping Therapy & How Can It Help You? February 28, 2019

New York, New York
What Is Cupping Therapy & How Can It Help You?, New York, New York

For thousands of years, medical practitioners have helped patients heal through a unique treatment known as cupping therapy. With traces back to Ancient Egypt and China, this practice involves the use of special cups that create suction on the skin. By stimulating blood flow, this process offers a wide range of health benefits for those suffering from an assortment of medical issues. If you’re curious about this popular form of alternative medicine, here are a few important details to know about cupping.

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

cupping therapyThe most common form of treatment, known as dry cupping, involves using heat to create suction against the skin. Specifically, a practitioner will ignite a flammable substance within the cup—or use a pump—and place it over a part of the body. The cup then traps the air and creates a vacuum effect that helps stimulate blood flow. It may be left on for several minutes, or in some cases, moved around the body to massage deep tissues.

Wet cupping therapy follows the same steps, but is followed by using making small incisions in the skin. While the benefits of this specific technique remain unproven, it’s believed that the suction effect can help remove harmful elements from the blood.

What Are the Benefits of Cupping?

Pain relief is one of the most common benefits associated with cupping therapy. By creating negative pressure within the body, the technique helps loosen tight muscle tissue. And, by improving blood circulation, it makes it easier for damaged tissues to gain the nutrients they need for proper recovery.

If you’re congested, combining cupping therapy with essential oil treatment can help activate the respiratory system to break up phlegm. Enhanced blood flow will also improve the body’s immune system response to help you recover from conditions related to congestion—such as the common cold or flu.

Many people also find that the muscle relaxation created through cupping can have a positive impact on internal organs. Specifically, it may help individuals relax sections of the digestive system to ease symptoms of IBS, cramping, constipation, and other related issues.

Will Cupping Leave Marks on My Skin?

Cupping therapy will often leave behind circular marks that take on a light pink or purplish color. These marks are not painful and will typically fade within a few hours or days. This discoloration is believed to be the result of stagnant cells, lymphatic fluids, and toxins being brought up to the surface of the skin.  


If you’re curious about the many ways that this treatment can enhance your wellness, Embodyed  Health and Healing offers gentle cupping therapy services on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Focused on the patient, this clinic will take time to review your symptoms and refine treatment to address them. In addition to cupping, this practice also offers many other holistic solutions to promote pain relief and healing, including chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy. Visit this provider online to learn more about these treatment options or call (917) 674-1367 to schedule an appointment.

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