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5 Creative Sewing Projects Using Fabric Scraps March 6, 2019

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5 Creative Sewing Projects Using Fabric Scraps, Dothan, Alabama

If you love to sew, you've probably accumulated a collection of fabric scraps in odd sizes and colors. For many people, these scraps are too small for most sewing projects but too beautiful to just throw away. If this sounds like you, here are some ideas for finally clearing out your scrap pile and putting those pieces to good use.

What Sewers Can Do with Fabric Scraps

1. Hair Accessories

With your sewing machine, hot glue, and a few bobby pins or hair clips, you can create unique and stylish hair accessories. Try making fabric flowers to go on hairpins. You could also make cloth-covered buttons for the ends of pins as well. 

2. Keychains

A cloth keychain is a cute, personalized way to make it easier to find your keys. Start by sewing a two-sided circle of fabric with a loop you can thread onto a key ring. After you’ve finished that, try creating an applique using a simple design you like.

3. Mini Quilts

FabricThe traditional thing to do with scraps is make a quilt; however, a full-sized blanket is a large undertaking and might not be practical given your color and material options. Instead, try making very small quilts—think potholders, bookmarks, or coasters.

4. Coin Purse

If your scraps are big enough, a small bag is one of the easiest things to create. Just cut out a rectangle, fold it, finish the edges, and add a button, snap, or VELCRO® fastening. You can use this bag for change, makeup, or anything else you like to carry with you.

5. Stuffed Toys

If you're up for a challenge, try creating a doll or stuffed animal with your scraps. Brightly colored fabric is perfect for bows, collars, and clothes. Any pieces which are too odd or small can be used as stuffing.


For a wide selection of fabric and sewing materials, visit Dothan Sewing Center in Alabama. Serving Dale, Henry, and Houston counties, they have five decades of history and experience providing supplies, classes, and sewing machine repairs. Their helpful and affordable service will allow you to take on even the most challenging sewing projects. For questions, call (334) 794-3177 or get in touch online.

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