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3 Easy Water Features for Your Yard March 1, 2019

Waikane, Honolulu
3 Easy Water Features for Your Yard, Waikane, Hawaii

A water feature is a beautiful landscaping addition that is not only visually appealing, but also creates relaxing sounds and adds value to a home. However, homeowners might shy away from water features because they don’t want to keep up with extensive maintenance. In that case, here are a few options for small, self-sustaining features to include in your garden planning.

3 Low-Maintenance Water Features for Your Garden

1. Small Fountains

Many companies offer premade, self-contained fountain units that are easy to install and may not even need a dedicated water line. Some of these units feature a small basin, which catches a slow stream of water from a spigot, then overflows into a drain where the water is recirculated. Other units feature water that bubbles up from an ornamental stone or statue, then filters through an opening at its base. You can even customize a feature with a range of basins and ornaments.

2. Small Ponds

A large pond is prone to developing algae, murky water, and pests if it isn't cleaned regularly. A small pond, on the other hand, still needs cleaning, but isn't so difficult to maintain because of its manageable size. Some companies offer prefabricated ponds, or you can create one using a wading pool or a liner.

3. Waterfalls

Water FeaturesA waterfall that flows into a pond has to be maintained, but it's possible to have just the waterfall. The water flows down into a rocky area with a hidden drain, and, like a fountain, the system recirculates the water. This is the best option if you enjoy the sound of running water, but don't want any cleanup.


If you're interested in installing a low-maintenance water feature, call Nakata James Landscaping in Kaneohe, HI. Serving the island of Oahu for over 30 years, owner James T. Nakata is a dedicated landscaping artist who trained in Japan and specializes in Oriental and tropical garden styles. His company handles both design and installation from start to finish. To request a free estimate, call (808) 330-8389 or reach out online.

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