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3 Conditions That May Cause Joint Pain March 1, 2019

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3 Conditions That May Cause Joint Pain, Andalusia, Alabama

People often think of attending physical therapy after a sports injury or a car accident. However, a large part of physical therapists jobs includes providing relief to individuals with health issues that cause joint pain. Here are three conditions that often cause aches and pains that require this unique treatment.

3 Conditions Associated With Joint Pain

1. Lupus

According to the Mayo Clinic, lupus is an autoimmune disease where the immune system is confused and attacks healthy cells. Having flare-ups is common and often includes symptoms like tiredness, chest pain, fever, and fatigue as well as swelling, joint pain and stiffness. Physical therapy can teach individuals with this disease how to keep their joints lubricated and maintain mobility while mitigating pain during these uncomfortable periods.

2. Arthritis

physical therapyWhile it is most common in people over age 65, anyone can develop arthritis. Joint pain is the main symptom of this condition, as well as limited range of motion, swelling, and redness. Many people find their symptoms worsen as they age and can benefit from attending physical therapy to learn exercises and stretches to limit these aches and restore flexibility.

3. Fibromyalgia

People who have fibromyalgia often experience all-over aches. This disease can cause intense tiredness due to pain-induced insomnia. Fibromyalgia is not curable and not much is known about it, but many doctors believe the condition causes the brain to increase the severity of pain. Some people experience the onslaught of this condition after an infection, significant life event or physical trauma. Others don’t have a pinpointed catalyst.

Since those who have fibromyalgia often also have irritable bowel syndrome, tension headaches, and temporomandibular joint disorders, these individuals experience generalized pain. Personalized physical therapy can strengthen muscles, prevent aches and limit disabilities caused by the disease.


If you’re looking for joint pain relief caused by these conditions or others contact Physical Therapy of Andalusia in Covington County, AL, to set up an appointment. Our talented team has over 40 years of combined industry experience offering rehabilitation, sports injury treatments, and pain management techniques. Call (334) 222-5785 or visit the website for information on our personalized physical therapy strategies to address issues like neurological and musculoskeletal disorders.

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