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Helping Your Parents Downsize? Here are 4 Estate Cleanout Tips February 28, 2019

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Helping Your Parents Downsize? Here are 4 Estate Cleanout Tips, Lake Katrine, New York

As your parents get older, it often no longer makes sense for them to stay in the same home; they no longer need the same amount of space. As they downsize, you’ll want to help with the estate cleanout and organization, which can naturally feel intimidating and stressful. Here are a few tips to help streamline the process. 

A Guide to Assisting Your Parents With Downsizing

1. Start With a Conversation

Your parents may be resistant to downsizing, so approach the conversation with sensitivity. Let them know that you plan to keep heirlooms, keepsakes, and valuables safe in storage. Emphasize how much better they’ll feel in a smaller, cozier space. 

2. Set Goals & Get Help

Don’t rush the estate cleanout process, especially if your elderly parents plan to help. Take plenty of water and rest breaks. Give yourself several weeks to sort through and clean everything. Ask friends, neighbors, and family to help with the heavy lifting, as this can tire you out over time. 

3. Separate Items Into Categories

estate cleanoutsMake separate boxes for items your parents want to keep, donate, or discard. Also, include a fourth box for belongings they aren’t sure about. If they’re having trouble where to place an item, point out that donating items will help those who are less fortunate. Suggest that they host a yard sale or list items online to make money and get rid of some of their belongings.

4. Help Them Acclimate to Their New Space

Downsizing is often an emotionally difficult task, so it’s important that your parents feel comfortable in their new place. Arrange their favorite furniture items, family photos, and decorations so that they become the focal points. Have a housewarming party to help them acclimate to their new space. 


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