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How to Make Your Well Pump Last Longer February 28, 2019

Danbury, Fairfield County
How to Make Your Well Pump Last Longer, Danbury, Connecticut

When it comes to extracting water from deep underground, your well pump does all the hard work. As a result, it experiences a great deal of wear and tear over the years, and it can be a hassle to replace. To save money and time, use the following well pump service tips to extend the life of this essential component.

5 Ways to Prolong the Life of a Well Pump

1. Install a Low Water Cutoff

If the water table surrounding your pump drops too low, the pump will simply suck up air like a straw in an empty cup. A low-water cutoff mechanism will automatically shut off the pump should this error occur to prevent the unit from overheating and potentially breaking down.

2. Add Lubricant

The motors that power well pumps are situated above ground. Like many types of machinery, they require lubrication to function efficiently. Oil this mechanism according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid excess friction or jams.

3. Test the Water Quality

well pump serviceIf your water is tainted with chemicals or minerals, your drinking supply is not the only system affected. Corrosive water can also damage the water well pump, so have your supply tested and treated as necessary every year.

4. Schedule Water Well Pump Service

Because well pumps are buried deep underground, leaks, broken parts, and installation issues often go unnoticed until they compromise the home water system. Schedule an annual inspection to extend the life of the device. During this well pump service, a technician will identify and address potential problems before they turn into costly repairs. 

5. Regulate Water Pressure

As the water table fluctuates, the pump may experience various rates of pressure, despite remaining in place. To prevent these surges from damaging the pump, install a smart tank or a similar addition that regulates water pressure, prolonging the life span of your water well.

If you’re interested in extending the life of your well pump, contact Gary’s Pump Service of Danbury, CT. This locally owned and operated company has been providing a wide selection of well pump services including inspections, installations, and repairs for over 40 years. Visit their website to learn more about their areas of expertise. You can also call (203) 744-7826 to set up an appointment or speak with a qualified technician. 

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