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Marathon Runners: How Runners Can Avoid Injury Potholes on the Road Ahead-Part 5 May 14, 2014

Midtown East, Manhattan
Marathon Runners: How Runners Can Avoid Injury Potholes on the Road Ahead-Part 5, Manhattan, New York

Welcome back RUNNERS.. I hope some of you have read parts 1 through 4 and have begun to implement some of these strategies.....because they work!! Next up is strategy 5. 

#5 -Add Strength Training

Most runners look forward to strength training about as much as the average person enjoys going to the dentist.. Let's face it.....most runners "just want to run".. However, not adding strength training all too often results in injury and/or premature performance plateaus.

image                         Non-Functional Strength Training Above

Obviously as runners we don't want to train for big bulging muscles. So it is not advised for runners to use exercise programs based on body building principles using machines and techniques used for isolating muscles and stimulating them to grow -- with no respect for functional outcome. This results in the complete opposite of our desired outcome.

What We Want to Do: A runners should be using a strength conditioning program based upon principles of functional exercise. Exercises that are designed to; restore muscle length, balance, improve posture, strength and coordination of movement patterns specific to the sport of running..

imageFunctional Strength Training Above

Strength Training Myth: Runners should only use light weights. WRONG! No one gets strong doing high reps of 'light' weights... We actually need to be performing a lower number of reps with high loads (in the off-season) in order to gain strength, power and train your neuromuscular system, allowing you to better control your body.

Brett's Bottom Line: By following a carefully designed exercise program which conditions the runner for the sport of running, the risk of injury can be greatly reduced! I always say, "get strong BEFORE you go long." 

What others are saying:

“Good morning Brett. I just wanted to touch base and let you know I successfully 'escaped Alcatraz' last weekend with very little discomfort. My recovery was amazing. I'm officially taking a break from running completely and focusing on the strengthening and stabilization exercises you taught me. To my success in the future." -Thanks for all your direction! Doug B.


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