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5 Reasons Why Your Company's Network Is Running Slow February 28, 2019

Owen Brown, Savage
5 Reasons Why Your Company's Network Is Running Slow, Savage, Maryland

A slow network connection can cause major headaches for any business, including disrupted phone service, sluggish internet, failing security cameras, and other telecommunications equipment problems. If you’re worried that your company’s productivity is being hindered by a poorly performing network, here are five commons causes to consider.

Why Is My Business’s Network Slow?

1. Outdated Equipment 

The latest and greatest software is only as good as the machine it runs on. Newer programs require more power and processing ability and will likely run slow if installed on older telecommunications equipment, such as computers, phone systems, routers, and security cameras

2. Poor Network Design

Check the design of your network’s infrastructure and make sure it’s set up to process the amount of data that runs through your telecommunications equipment on a daily basis. Overloaded servers run slow, and if you’ve increased your company’s data usage in recent months, your network design may need an overhaul.

3. Insufficient Cable Equipment

telecommunications equipmentEven if the network is set up properly, connection speeds can suffer if cables are bent, cut, or damaged. When your network is installed, make sure that quality cables are used and that they are large enough to handle the amount of data they’ll be processing.

4. Internet Misuse

Do your employees watch YouTube or download games during downtime? If so, they’re eating away at the set amount of data your network has each month, which can affect connection speeds. Establish usage rules for your staff when it comes to accessing the internet and using other telecommunications equipment.

5. No Antivirus Software

Installing effective antivirus software is a must for any business. It not only reduces your risk of security breaches but also protects your network from the damaging viruses and malware that can grind system speeds down to a halt.


Get in touch with ACC Telecom if you think your network connection needs improvement. Serving Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC, the Columbia-based company has been providing telecommunications equipment and surveillance systems to businesses for 40 years. Visit their website to read about their services, and call (410) 995-0101 to schedule a consultation today. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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