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5 Items You Shouldn't Put Down the Garbage Disposal February 28, 2019

Pine Grove, Amador
5 Items You Shouldn't Put Down the Garbage Disposal, Pine Grove, California

Your garbage disposal is a tough appliance that can handle many kinds of food waste. But it still has its limits, and putting the wrong items down the drain can damage or clog the unit. To avoid the need for a plumber to fix or replace your garbage disposal, dispose of the following items in other ways.

What Your Plumber Doesn't Want You to Put Down a Garbage Disposal

1. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are made of many small particles that don't easily dissolve. In a garbage disposal, they get stuck in corners and crevices, where they quickly start to smell. They're also difficult to wash down with ordinary drain cleaning methods.

2. Eggshells

Eggshells fragment into many small, stubborn pieces that can all get stuck in your garbage disposal. They also have a sticky membrane inside that can attach them to the walls and pipes, making them even harder to remove. Avoid this problem by throwing them in the trash or composting them. 

3. Bones

PlumberA garbage disposal motor is designed to power through soft or fibrous foods, which means it's not strong enough for bones. At best, the bone will rattle around noisily in the disposal; at worst, it will get jammed between the blades and burn out the motor.

4. Grease, Oil, & Fat

When draining cooking grease from your food, resist the urge to put it down the sink. As it cools, grease hardens into a stubborn clog that you need a plumber to remove. Instead, pour the grease into an old jar and throw it in the trash.

5. Rice & Pasta

Rice and pasta are very absorbent. When they sit in water, they quickly expand into a starchy, sticky mess. You don't want these foods clogging your garbage disposal or your pipes.


If you need a plumber in Sutter Creek, CA, call Amador Plumbing. Serving Amador County, they have over 20 years of experience with plumbing repairs, maintenance, and installations. They are committed to excellent customer service and operate a 24-hour hotline for emergency plumbing repairs. To request a quote, call (209) 223-2204 or send a message online.

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