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How to Get Printer & Monitor Colors to Match March 18, 2019

Jessup, Anne Arundel
How to Get Printer & Monitor Colors to Match, Jessup, Maryland

Printing brochures, advertisements, banners, and additional marketing materials in color will help draw the attention of consumers, attracting more customers to your business. If your color printer isn’t matching the shades displayed on computer screens, you won’t be able to achieve the desired results. To ensure images and texts are eye-catching, use the guide to calibrating monitors to color printers below. 

How to Adjust Monitor Color to Match Printers

Use a Colorimeter 

color printerTo ensure you have the desired color brightness and contrast on your computer monitor, use a colorimeter. The device calibrates the display to ensure pigment consistency. After launching the design application, plug the colorimeter into a USB port and place the device directly on the monitor. It will read color swatches the software generates and evaluate the measurements. The video card in the computer is then altered to make the necessary adjustments. 

Choose Paper Designed for the ICC Profile 

After the video card is changed, an International Color Consortium (ICC) profile is created on the computer. It should be in line with the ICC profile of the color printers. To ensure pigment consistency in all printed materials across devices, make sure the paper is specifically designed for the profiles of the manufacturer color printers. If you’re unsure how to do this, talk to your color printer manufacturer or supplier. 

Consider How Images Are Submitted to Printers

Color printers are either RGB (red green blue) or CMYK (cyan magenta yellow key) devices. This refers to the inks equipment uses and the range of different shades the color combinations can create. How images are transferred to a printer determines whether it should be profiled as an RGB or CMYK device. This can affect the quality of the printed materials. When drivers are used to submit images, use an RGB process. For raster image processors, CMYK is the best method to use.  


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