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5 Driving Habits That Lead to Excess Wear on Your Vehicle February 20, 2019

Hickham, Honolulu
5 Driving Habits That Lead to Excess Wear on Your Vehicle, Honolulu, Hawaii

Your daily driving habits can make a big difference in the condition of your vehicle. Seemingly small habits can cause excess wear and tear that may result in more frequent visits to your local auto mechanic. Here are some of the top habits you should avoid along with tips to help you change these behaviors.

Avoid These 5 Driving Habits to Extend the Life of Your Car

1. Resting Your Hand on the Shifter

The gear shifter in your car’s center console connects to your transmission. If you rest your hand there while driving, the extra pressure can strain this component, which may eventually require expensive transmission repair or rebuild service. Only touch the shifter when you’re changing gears, and practice driving with both hands on the steering wheel.

2. Skipping Oil Changes

An oil change replaces the fluid that lubricates all of the moving parts within your engine. Skipping this service can create friction within your engine and wear it down faster. Read your owner’s manual to find the mileage or time period recommendations for oil changes, and stick to a strict schedule to care for your engine.

3. Braking Hard

When you come to a sudden stop, you wear down your brake pads quicker. The increased friction can also lead to overheating, which may damage your brake rotors. Sometimes you need to brake abruptly to avoid collisions, but whenever possible, coast and start slowing down sooner to come to a gradual stop.

4. Not Filling Your Gas Tank

auto mechanicIn addition to potentially getting stranded, driving on an empty gas tank can lead to mechanical issues for your vehicle. Without gas, the fuel pump can suck in air or debris from the outside, which can block the filters and wear down the pump, the repairs for which require a specialized auto mechanic. Avoid this by filling up whenever your tank is less than half full.

5. Keeping Your Trunk Full

Your vehicle is equipped to carry luggage and other belongings, but avoid leaving heavy items in your car regularly. Extra weight can wear down your transmission. Try to clean out your trunk of unnecessary belongings at least once a month.


If you need an auto mechanic to resolve any of these issues, count on A-1 Auto A/C Specialist & General Auto Repair. Conveniently located in the heart of Honolulu, HI, the auto repair company offers a wide array of services, from oil changes to brake and transmission repair. The company also has an A+ credit rating and offers affordable pricing on all services. Contact the team online or call (808) 836-2939 to make an appointment with an auto mechanic.

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