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How to Talk to Your Parents About Senior Care March 7, 2019

Jacksonville, Calhoun
How to Talk to Your Parents About Senior Care, Jacksonville, Alabama

Your aging parents likely want to stay independent for as long as possible. One way to help them maintain their current lifestyle but also keep them safe is through in-home senior care. Here’s how you can prepare for and discuss the possibility with them in a loving and effective way.

Approaching Your Parents About In-Home Senior Care 

Consider the Time and Place

When raising the topic of senior care with your parents, avoid doing it around distractions, such as when making holiday preparations or hosting visitors. Find a relaxed and private setting where everyone feels comfortable. It may be at your parents’ home or another location they enjoy. If they have hearing aids or eyeglasses, make sure they are wearing them so they can participate fully in the discussion.  

Be Prepared With Information

senior-care-Jacksonville-ALDo your research so you know what senior care services are available in your community. You can then provide the information during the discussion. Your knowledge and confidence will help your parents consider the idea thoughtfully. The information assures them that they can receive the extra attention they need and remain at home.

Ask Questions to Guide the Conversation

A good approach to help your parents come to a positive conclusion is to ask some “what if” questions. For example, what would they do if they could not handle their daily household tasks or if they fell at home? This could help them realize that in-home senior care has benefits and can relieve them of concerns they might not have expressed to you before. 


For assistance that keeps your parents safe and lets them maintain their independence, get help from the professionals at Home Helpers of Jacksonville. These skilled caregivers provide various in-home senior care to residents throughout Calhoun County, AL, whether your parents need standard service or dementia care. Visit the website or call (256) 776-7769 to learn more about this dynamic team and request a consultation regarding your parent today.

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