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5 Trendy Toys Your Child Will Love April 5, 2019

Mamaroneck, Westchester
5 Trendy Toys Your Child Will Love , Mamaroneck, New York

Whether it’s for an upcoming birthday or a special treat, there are plenty of popular children’s toys available this time of year for little ones to delight in. From plush dolls to meteor creatures, many of today’s toys evoke the element of surprise for curious children. If you have a gifting event coming up for your child, here are a few ideas they will enjoy.

5 Children’s Toys Trending Right Now

1. L.O.L. Surprise!™ Dolls

This toy caters to inquisitive children with its unique three-layer wrapping. Each layer includes a clue, giving hints as to which type of doll is inside. The middle of the ball includes bags which house the doll, accessories, shoes, and an outfit.

2. Pikmi Pops™

Similar to the premise of the L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, Pikmi Pops are sweet-scented miniature plush toys. To foster an element of surprise, they’re contained inside a lollipop-shaped container. With more than 45 different styles available, these toys will delight any child who likes to collect.

3. Hairdorables™

children's toysAs their name suggests, Hairdorables are known for their iconic locks. Like the L.O.L. Surprise! and Pikmi Pops dolls, each package is a surprise. Little ones who enjoy playing dress-up are drawn to the dolls’ funky, bold hairstyles. Each doll includes accessories that pertain to the doll’s hair and lifestyle—from combs to skateboards—and an outfit. Additionally, the box itself is part of the doll’s aesthetic, as it includes a background scene that relates to the toy’s style.

4. Treasure X™ 

Geared toward young adventurers, Treasure X children’s toys are a surprise-reveal collectible with a multi-layer system in place for uncovering treasure. Each set contains a map, a digging tool, and three sand-like treasure blocks. The child must dig through each block to expose the unique treasure inside. 

5. Meteor Monster®

Meteor monsters are housed in an egg, which must be cracked open. The monster inside can be one of eight styles, and is encased in a putty-like substance which it can crawl out of. The putty is reusable, so the child can line one side of the egg with the putty, place the monster inside, and cover it with remaining putty. They can then release the putty from the shell and watch the monster crawl out. Any child with a flair for space or science fiction will love these creatures.



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