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3 Commercial Flooring Options Perfect for Restaurants February 27, 2019

New York, Bronx
3 Commercial Flooring Options Perfect for Restaurants, New York, New York

Building or renovating a restaurant requires special considerations, both for high-volume dining areas and busy kitchens. Contractors and owners need to choose commercial flooring that’s durable, slip-resistant, easy to clean, and attractive. They’ll also need to use affordable materials to protect their bottom line. Fortunately, the options below fulfill all the above criteria. 

Top Commercial Flooring Options for Eateries

1. Prefinished Hardwood

Typically, hardwood flooring is laid down and then topped off with a protective finishing on-site. Prefinished varieties provide faster and simpler installation, lowering labor costs. This option is ideal for dining areas, since it’s low-maintenance and sturdy. From hip wine bars to the luxe refinement of an old-school steakhouse to an earthy natural touch for a casual cafe, rich prefinished hardwood is an attractive option that will help create the desired atmosphere. 

2. Vinyl

commercial flooringVinyl commercial flooring is incredibly hardy and waterproof. Cleaning the material is straightforward, requiring only routine mopping. Vinyl floors can handle the heavy foot traffic of restaurants while helping to prevent slip-and-falls, keeping customers and employees safe. While sheet vinyl flooring is the most affordable option, vinyl planks and vinyl composition tiles can mimic other types of flooring at a lower cost. 

3. Polished Concrete 

Polished concrete is nearly impervious to damage, meaning it’s tough enough to handle whatever restaurants throw its way. It lasts 20 years or longer and requires minimal upkeep. Even though it’s polished, this material is incredibly slip-resistant. Concrete floors don’t have to be gray and flat. Modern polishing techniques can impart a variety of textures and colors for a contemporary look. 


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