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3 Ways Kids Benefit From Golf Lessons February 27, 2019

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3 Ways Kids Benefit From Golf Lessons, Grants Lick, Kentucky

Many people think of golf as a game exclusively for adults. While that may have been true decades ago, it’s no longer the case today. More and more kids are starting to play this centuries-old sport and having fun. Here are some of the ways kids benefit from golf lessons.

3 Reasons to Sign Your Child Up for Golf Lessons

1. Lower Risk of Injuries

As a parent, the last thing you want is for your child to get hurt while playing a sport. If you sign your child up for golf lessons, there’s a very small chance anything like that will happen. Unlike football, soccer, or basketball, golf isn’t a contact sport. That means your child is less likely to suffer any serious injuries.

2. Get Great Exercise

golf lessonsCompared to sports like soccer or basketball, golf might not seem like it requires much physical exertion. However, it’s a terrific low-intensity workout. Your child will burn up a lot of energy as they carry their bag, practice their swing, and walk up and down the golf course.

3. Learn Patience

In this day and age, people want instant gratification. However, speedy results aren’t realistic in most situations. Take the game of golf, for example. The sport requires a great deal of practice and patience to succeed. Strategically hitting a small ball on an uneven surface is difficult for even naturally athletic people. If your child starts playing this sport, they will learn that becoming good at something requires time.


If you want to sign your child up for golf lessons in Alexandria, KY, turn to A.J. Jolly Golf Course. Built in 1962, this two-mile golf course features a natural landscape and welcomes beginners and professional golfers. If you need golf equipment, stop by their pro shop. Whether you need balls or divot tools, you’re sure to find it there. For more information about this golf course, call (859) 635-2106 or visit their website.

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