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5 Tips for Living on Your Own for the First Time March 1, 2019

Cookeville, Putnam
5 Tips for Living on Your Own for the First Time, Cookeville, Tennessee

For some people, the idea of living alone represents an exciting step in their personal growth. For others, the thought of looking at apartments on their own is a little overwhelming. Scary or not, a new chapter is something to look forward to, so here are some helpful hints for living by yourself for the first time.

Tips for Living by Yourself

1. Mind Your Budget

Before you make the big move, browse ads for rental properties and crunch some numbers to get an idea of which neighborhoods and how much space you can afford on your own. Look at average utility costs, food prices, insurance rates, and other expenses you’ll be solely responsible for. Factor some savings into your budget so you’ll have money set aside in case of emergency. With a little commitment, you’ll soon learn to balance your monthly budget like a pro.

2. Stay Safe & Secure

Feeling safe in your new environment is essential for enjoying living on your own. When looking at apartments, choose one that has security features such as deadbolt locks and safe parking areas. Get to know your neighbors and the property management staff so you can feel comfortable knowing there are people you trust looking out for your safety.

3. Practice Self-Reliance

Cookeville apartmentsIf you’re used to sharing chore duties with roommates or having parents around to stock the fridge, being solely in charge of a household might seem intimidating at first. But adjusting to cleaning, grocery shopping, and paying your own bills offers a great sense of accomplishment. Hone your cooking skills, learn to make minor repairs, and enjoy the feeling of knowing you can take care of yourself.

4. Don’t Become a Hermit

As much as you might revel in your newfound independence, don’t let living alone become an excuse for isolating yourself. Ward off loneliness and depression by getting out to explore your new neighborhood, socialize with friends, and participate in community activities. If you have enough space in your rental for guests, invite a few people over occasionally for casual get-togethers.

5. Enjoy It While You Can

Life brings many changes, and in the future, you may find yourself sharing apartments with roommates or buying real estate with a significant other. While you have the chance, take advantage of the freedom, space, and privacy of living alone. Having your own place gives you the opportunity to take up new hobbies, embark on creative projects, and enjoy your own company, so embrace it.


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