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5 Efficient Remodeling Tips for Small Bathrooms March 7, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
5 Efficient Remodeling Tips for Small Bathrooms, Rochester, New York

Bathroom remodeling gives you the opportunity to turn your outdated restroom into an upgraded haven. But if it’s small, you risk creating a bathroom that’s cramped, inconvenient, and impractical. Here’s how to optimize your use of the limited space will help you design an inviting bathroom you love. 

Small Bathroom Remodeling Advice  

1. Put the Sink in the Corner

Ignoring the room’s corners means not taking advantage of the entire space. A sink designed to fit into a corner will take up less space than one on a flat wall, and it won’t have corners that jut out into the bathroom for you to bump into. This makes the bathroom feel larger and less claustrophobic.

2. Invest In a Large Mirror

Beyond enhancing the lighting, a sizeable mirror will make the room feel larger by reflecting it back at you, which your brain perceives as the room continuing uninterrupted. Plus, since the bathroom is where most personal grooming and hygiene occurs, a large mirror is practical.

3. Embrace Light Colors

bathroom remodelingAvoid using dark tones in your color scheme, as they’ll make the room feel smaller. Using light colors in your bathroom remodeling project gives the room an open, airy atmosphere because they brighten it. This effect is accentuated by natural sunlight, so consider installing a large window to let it in.

4. Use the Wall Space

Put custom cabinets, shelving, and other storage options on the walls. The extra storage space will be needed in a small bathroom, and it gives you the chance to choose other furnishings based on style, not just how much storage space they offer. Be careful that cabinetry and shelves don’t protrude from the wall enough to be in the way, and space them evenly so they don’t appear crowded.

5. Make Small Sacrifices

Be willing to work with the room’s limitations, which means changing your design for comfort or practicality. For instance, consider using a curtain or sliding door on your shower instead of one that swings open, as they won’t invade your limited space when getting in and out of the shower. Sacrificing one aspect in exchange for more space or another design element will give you more satisfying results in the end.


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