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4 FAQ About Home Heating Oil Additives February 26, 2019

4 FAQ About Home Heating Oil Additives , Dutchess County, New York

Many people use heating oil additives for both safety and practical reasons. From the variety of products on the market to the benefits they provide, you might have some questions about exactly what you should add to your tank and why. Here are answers to some of the inquiries providers most commonly hear from homeowners. 

4 Top Heating Oil Additive FAQ 

What are the different types of additives?

There are four main types of additives, including water controllers, lines and oil gun cleaners, stabilizers, and biocides. Water controllers prevent condensation from building in the tank, while line and oil gun cleaners keep the tank and main line free from sludge. Stabilizers prevent environmental factors from creating an unstable environment in the tank, and biocides stop the growth of microbes. 

Why are they important?

Home fuels are derived from crude oil. Petroleum is inherently unstable. Depending on the refining process used and other factors, it will naturally deteriorate over time. Additives slow this degradation. They also prevent the accumulation of carbon residue, limiting fire hazards and protecting your tank from decay. They also help your system operate more efficiently, saving you money and reducing environmental impact. 

When should I put in additives? 

heating oilMany professionals include additives when they make their deliveries, which means you may not need to add any. If you’re not sure, contact your supplier to find out what’s in your fuel. 

How do I know if I need them?

When your fuel freezes or you observe sludge deposits in your tank, you most likely need home heating oil additives. Other reasons you might need them include clogged fuel lines and unexplained increases in fuel use. Contact your supplier for assistance. 


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