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How Record-Breaking Rainfall Can Affect Your Home February 28, 2019

Hamilton, La Crosse County
How Record-Breaking Rainfall Can Affect Your Home, Hamilton, Wisconsin

Well-maintained gutters are critical to protecting the overall integrity of your home, as heavy rainfall can devastate residential neighborhoods, especially if it leads to flooding. For instance, Western Wisconsin reportedly endured record-breaking rainfall last summer, with flood waters rising as high as 11 inches in some areas. Although the adverse impact of Mother Nature can't always be avoided, there are some preventative steps you can take to better fortify your residence, which can reduce the potential need for more costly home repairs after the storm settles. Use the guide below to understand how your home's drainage systems work to protect your property.   

How Gutter Maintenance Safeguards Your Roof

guttersYour roof is designed to keep water from entering your home. In an effort to prevent flooding and water damage, roofs are typically angled at a slope that helps divert water into the gutters and downspouts. Water is then transferred a safe distance away from your home. When gutters are neglected or the drainage system is compromised by either a clog or leak, your roof becomes vulnerable to structural water damage, including mold and wood rot.Though initially these may appear as seemingly minor issues, especially on a sunny day, regular inspections and proper care of your gutters are critical to protecting your roof and ultimately the rest of your home, to ensure this drainage system continues to perform as expected.

How Gutters Protect Your Foundation

Properly installed gutter systems protect to your home’s foundation, which is essential to maintaining the property value of your residence. The downspout sends rainwater to a storm sewer or other drainage location that is far the foundation, to prevent water from pooling on its porous material. When gutters fail, water damage can cause areas of the foundation to crack and either settle or sink, because heavy rainfall can cause the ground around the foundation to swell. Once the rain stops and the ground dries out, it can contract in a way that creates gaps and holes able to swallow up weakened sections of the foundation. Ill-kept gutters can also lead to basement floods, especially if it lacks quality sump pump equipment or hasn’t been waterproofed.

How to Know Your Gutters Are in Working Condition

A quality, well-installed, gutter system that enables drainage through the correct channels and downspouts away from your home is the best defense against heavy rainfall and potential flooding. Seamless gutter systems made from durable metal materials are highly recommended. Gutter systems can also be customized to fit the architectural design of your home and provide optimal drainage. In addition, it’s important that you frequently clean out and inspect this drainage system on a frequent basis yourself, in addition to scheduling regular inspections by a reputable gutter service. Regular checkups will ensure that your gutters are able to withstand inclement weather throughout every season of the year.


If you suspect your gutters might be in need of repair, contact the experts at Advanced Seamless Inc. in La Crosse County, WI. Since 1989, their experienced team has provided comprehensive range of gutter replacement and maintenance services, providing homes with quality gutter protection they need. To learn more about the company’s products and services, visit their website or call (608) 786-2929 today.

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