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Have an Abscessed Tooth? Here's What You Should Know February 26, 2019

Have an Abscessed Tooth? Here's What You Should Know, ,

While some dental issues may not be cause for immediate concern, others are more serious and demand prompt intervention from a dentist. A tooth abscess, for example, is among the more critical dental issues patients may face. Left untreated, this infection could spread to other parts of the body. Discover what the condition entails and how you can tell if you have one below.

A Guide to Abscessed Teeth

What Is It?

Abscesses can develop on several parts of the body, including in the mouth. An abscess is a pocket of pus, and it emerges deep around the root of an infected tooth. Tooth abscesses are typically caused by decay, cavities, cracked teeth, or gum disease. They’re the body’s natural defense mechanism to block infection from reaching other parts of the body. Anyone can develop a tooth abscess, and it’s critical that they are treated by a dentist before the infection spreads.

Which Symptoms Indicate You Have One?

Abscessed teeth can have a broad range of symptoms, but the most common are tooth pain, swelling, and redness on the gum, and a bad taste in the mouth. Some patients have experienced jaw pain, difficulty swallowing, pain while chewing, and swollen lymph nodes. Dentists are able to indicate whether a patient has a tooth abscess if there’s a pimple-like bump along the gum line. If liquid or pus oozes out, it’s likely that the tooth is infected.

Are There Any Home Remedies?

dentistThis potentially serious dental issue won’t go away without professional treatment. If you have any symptoms of an abscessed tooth, be sure to see a dentist, especially to prevent potential tooth extraction. If left untreated, the infection will spread to areas such as the jaw, neck, and head. Your dental care specialists will eradicate the infection, ensuring as little damage to the tooth as possible.


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