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3 Moves Women Should Learn in Self-Defense Training April 23, 2019

Scarsdale, Westchester
3 Moves Women Should Learn in Self-Defense Training, Scarsdale, New York

It’s wise to learn basic self-defense techniques to protect yourself in dangerous situations. Learning a core set of defensive moves will help you repel potential muggers. If you train with an expert, you can even have fun learning how to protect yourself. Below, learn three basic moves that you can perfect at a self-defense training school.

Self-Defense Moves Women Should Know

1. Open Hand Strike

Like a punch, this powerful forward attack can injure your attacker and stun them while you escape. Unlike a punch, there is no signal that it’s coming, so you’re more likely to catch your attacker by surprise. Aim for the face, eyes, or neck with the heel of your hand to transfer as much power as possible through the stack of your arm. To avoid alerting your attacker, move your hand from the center of your body into the strike instead of drawing back.

2. Knee Kick

self-defense trainingIf your attacker moves close to your body before you can react, you’ll have difficulty using your arms to strike them. That is where your knees can come into play. Using the bony part of your knee, push forcefully up into your attacker’s groin. To maximize the force of this kick, grab onto the attacker’s shoulders, clothing, or neck. This is one of the most vital moves you’ll learn in self-defense training, and it’s effective against men and women.

3. Ground Kick

If your attacker grabs you but you wiggle out, or if they knock you down, you’ll have to strike back from a lower position. If they’re in front or nearly on top of you, kick up with both feet, drawing energy from your hips. This should wind them enough that you can flee to safety.



To protect yourself in dangerous situations, enroll in a self-defense training course. For those in Scarsdale, NY, the professionals at 914 Training Center can help you get fit and stay safe. They offer Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Ju-jitsu to engage your entire body. To learn more about their classes call (914) 437-5353. To browse their class schedule, visit their website

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