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3 Environmental Benefits of Concrete February 28, 2019

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3 Environmental Benefits of Concrete, Arthur, North Carolina

Concrete is used in numerous commercial applications to provide durability to different projects. Whether you’re installing concrete flooring or designing a building structure from the ground up, you can trust this material for its strength and support. Another reason for its immense popularity is sustainability. Here are a few eco-friendly benefits of building with this material.

Why Concrete Is a Sustainable Substance

1. Energy-Efficient

According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), electricity accounts for 61% of total energy usage in commercial buildings. Concrete helps maintain indoor temperatures by absorbing the sun’s heat during the daytime and radiating it outward when temperatures fall at night. Known as thermal mass, this effect reduces your dependency on the HVAC system to heat and cool the building and improves your building’s carbon footprint.

2. Recyclable

Greenville, NC concrete flooring Every step of concrete production paves the way for a healthy, consistent, and “circular” future. Because the product is recyclable, it’s one of the most resourceful options in existence. Once it comes to its natural end, concrete preparation professionals can crush and regenerate the material for new purposes. This keeps it away from landfills and reduces overall labor and transportation costs. Installing recycled concrete flooring is an effective way to improve a commercial facility’s green impact.

3. Long Lifespan

Unlike more sensitive substances like wood and metal, concrete isn’t inclined to rot, rust, or burn. The material’s integrity ensures a lengthier life expectancy. If damage does occur at any stage, simple concrete repairs are usually enough to resolve the problem without affecting the whole structure. As a result, you can conserve resources by reducing the need to construct new materials. Concrete flooring and walls are sustainable enough that once the property’s original use ends, they can easily support another use for years to come.


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