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4 Tips for Hiring a Home Inspector March 5, 2019

Huntington, Huntington
4 Tips for Hiring a Home Inspector, Huntington, New York

Before buying or selling a home, it’s crucial to have it inspected from top to bottom. Regardless of its outward appearance, there is always the chance it could have hidden problems that amount to thousands of dollars in repairs. To avoid finding this out after you’ve already closed on the deal or when you’re trying to negotiate a selling price, have a qualified home inspector look for potential issues. Here are a few tips for finding the best professional for this job. 

How to Choose the Right Home Inspector 

1. Look for Someone Who Has Experience With the Same Home Type 

Even if a home inspector has a lot of experience, they don’t necessarily have experience inspecting a house like yours. Hire someone who has examined homes with the same type of construction so that they can identify specific problems that tend to arise with similar properties. 

2. Request a Sample Inspection Report

home inspectorOnce your inspection is complete, you will receive a report of the findings. An inspection report should be as detailed as possible and include photos that help document what was discovered. Request to see a sample of the home inspector’s reports to determine the level of detail they provide and how easy it is for you to understand. 

3. Find Out if They Use the Latest Technology 

Technology is constantly evolving for home inspections. It’s essential for your inspector to stay up-to-date on current technologies; there are many innovative tools that can help provide a faster, more in-depth inspection, such as thermal imaging cameras for inspecting HVAC systems.

4. Ask if You Can Attend an Inspection

Although it’s not required, it’s best practice to attend a home inspection. This will give you the added advantage of walking through a house while having the inspector explain each item on their checklist, which should at a minimum include an inspection of the HVAC system, walls, ceilings, foundation, and structural components. A trustworthy inspector shouldn’t hesitate to say yes when you ask to accompany them. 


The home inspector you select will have a significant impact on the success of your investment or sale. If you are looking for a reliable inspection company to supply you with information about a property you’re interested in purchasing or selling, contact New Home Inspectors. They have over three decades of industry experience and a reputation for providing clients throughout Suffolk County, NY, with accurate, detailed reports. With their help, you can confidently decide how to proceed with your real estate transaction. Call (631) 973-4129 to schedule service, or visit them online to learn what you can expect from an inspection.

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