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4 Reasons to Have a Pergola February 21, 2019

Grant, Lancaster
4 Reasons to Have a Pergola, Grant, Nebraska

With the end of winter only a month away, many peoples’ thoughts are turning to spring flowers and sunshine. And for those who love to spend relaxing afternoons outdoors, a pergola can make their backyard even more inviting. The guide below explains some of the reasons homeowners are adding this feature to their landscaping.

Why Should You Consider Installing a Pergola?

1. Living Area Extension

A pergola helps create an extension of your outdoor living space.   They are wonderful for breaking up the sun and providing shade.  You can use a pergola to create an entertainment space for gathering or coverage for a cooking and dining area.

By opting for a pergola with a detachable canopy, you can enjoy the use of your patio rain or shine. Also, consider hanging lighting from the overhead struts so that you can extend the use of the area into the night.



2. Adds Aesthetic Value

To help tie the pergola into your landscaping even more, grow vine plants along its posts and over its canopy. Gorgeous roses create a cozy, romantic setting while clematis vines offer a thick blooming season for extra privacy. For a sweet scent, add jasmine, or create your own vineyard vibe by planting grape vines.


3. Low Maintenance Focal Point

Pergolas add an interesting focal point to your landscaping design. They are low maintenance and durable, especially vinyl varieties. Once installed and vines are planted, you do not have to worry about splintering, rotting, or repainting components exposed to the elements. For wood pergolas, make sure the material is treated to prevent rot.   Red cedar is a typical type of wood to use for pergola construction.

4. Value Boost

A pergola is a unique and often-admired home feature that will entice buyers.  Therefore, if you have plans to sell one day, you’re likely to see a large return on investment for it.


If you are interested in giving your landscaping a boost with a new patio, pergola, fire pit, or custom walkway, trust the builders at Dreamscapes, Inc. These contractors, based out of Lincoln, NE, will work with you to design the outdoor living space you have always desired. To hear from satisfied customers, check out their reviews on Google. Request a quote by contacting them online. Or call (402) 421-7496 with questions or to schedule an appointment today.

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