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3 Plants to Liven Up Your Office Desk February 28, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii
3 Plants to Liven Up Your Office Desk, Hilo, Hawaii

Plants can go a long way towards adding life to an office, and regardless of your skill level with gardening, there are plenty of low-maintenance options you can invest in. These simple, beautiful plants can completely transform your desk or cubicle, and you’ll find the added element boosts the atmosphere and even the air quality. Below, you’ll find a few easy-to-care-for plants to consider if you’re upgrading or redecorating your office.

Low-Maintenance Office Plants

1. Snake Plant

One of the most durable options is the snake plant. They require very little light to thrive and can go multiple days without water. Their green-yellow winding stalks have a variety of character, and they take up very little space. The snake plant also produces oxygen, making it great for removing toxins from the air. You can purchase them in a variety of sizes from a gardening store.

2. Cactus

gardeningCacti come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. As long as they have plenty of sunlight, you can often sit and forget them. They require very little water, and with over 2,000 types of cacti in the world, you’ll have a large selection to choose from. Just make sure to purchase those that do well indoors, such as Angel Wings, Rat Tail, or Saguaro.

3. Pothos

Another low-light plant that doesn’t require much water is pothos. This plant grows very quickly and continues to gain character as the vines wind around one another. You can add a smaller one to your desk or place others on a window sill or shelf; either way, they will brighten up the space.


Whether you’re looking for low-maintenance office plants or need gardening supplies for your home, Garden Exchange, Ltd. offers everything you need. Located in Hilo, HI, they’ve served customers of every skill level since 1964. This gardening store carries a wide selection of lawn care products, organic fertilizers, and more—all of which you can explore on their website. To speak with their staff, call (808) 961-2875 today.

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