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DEA Music and Art Looks Back at Their Cancer Research Fundraiser February 26, 2019

New York, Richmond
DEA Music and Art Looks Back at Their Cancer Research Fundraiser, New York, New York

Approximately 12% of American women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. This highlights the importance of research, which is integral in developing new treatments and striving toward a cure. As a beloved provider of music lessons and art classes in Staten Island and beyond, DEA Music and Art stands by all those affected by breast cancer. In conjunction with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, they recently held a fundraiser to lift spirits and raise money for this noble and worthy cause.

DEA Music and Art’s Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Student & Teacher Performances

A wide range of students participated in a musical theater-style performance that meshed classic Disney movies and Broadway stage shows. With ages ranging from 5 to 16, kids took part in the fundraiser by performing beautiful piano and vocal pieces. DEA’s very own instructors also performed at this event. They played a range of instruments, including piano, drums, vocals, and the euphonium, which is a baritone brass instrument.

Raffles & Prizes

music lessonsAlong with enjoying the performance, audience members were also eligible for great prizes. For example, instructors Linda Marke and Allie Baron donated one-of-kind artwork. Some were even offered free classes offered by DEA. These included art and music lessons, chorus, musical theater, and Kidzrock. This program is designed for kids aged 4 to 7 who are interested in performing in a real rock band.

A Deeper Purpose

While the purpose of DEA’s fundraiser was to help in the fight against cancer, it was also meant to show students the difference they can make. Beyond merely providing music lessons, this school strives to create caring, well-rounded individuals that are aware of their role in the world. Part of this awareness entails helping others, whether it’s spreading joy via music or using one’s ability to drum up donations. Both students and teachers will look back on this fundraiser and take pride in the fact that they worked so hard to help those in need.

DEA Music and Art is committed to improving the world through their work. Along with their charitable pursuits, they also offer children the chance to follow their dreams wherever they may take them. Learn more about their range of music lessons, including guitar, piano, and drums, by visiting the website. You can also call (718) 370-7733 to learn more about enrolling your child.

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