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Why You Need to Change Air Filters in Furnaces February 26, 2019

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Why You Need to Change Air Filters in Furnaces, Cairo, Georgia

When it comes to keeping homes and businesses warm during the winter, most people rely on furnaces. But these useful appliances require their fair share of maintenance to continue providing reliable heat. Most notably, every furnace owner should be mindful of changing their system’s air filters on a regular basis. Here’s why this easy task matters.

Benefits of Changing Air Filters

As air circulates through ducts, it accumulates dust and other debris. The filter protects the furnace’s blower fan from this debris so it can continue to function properly. Over time, however, dust buildup on the filter can create issues. When too much dust is present, the system is forced to work harder to draw air.

furnacesBy changing air filters on a regular basis, you can avoid asking too much of your system, which will reduce household energy costs. It will also limit maintenance and cleaning needs and extend its life span. Clean air filters will also improve your indoor air quality, which is extremely important for those with asthma or allergies.

How Often Should You Change Air Filters?

Cooling and heating systems should generally have their air filters changed on a monthly basis during peak usage times. In the warmer months when you don’t need to run your heat as often, it’s still proactive to change the air filters every three months or so to prevent dust buildup. Filters are inexpensive and easy to install, making routine replacements a much better option than having to pay for unexpected furnace repair.


If you have a furnace in need of service, contact the experts at Parker’s Heating & Cooling. Serving Grady County, GA, for over 25 years, this NATE®-certified HVAC contractor is equipped with the right equipment and experience to help you resolve any issue at any time with 24-hour emergency service and impeccable customer service. To learn more about their work or request a free estimate, visit them online or call (229) 377-9129.

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