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4 Fun Activities to Do When Your Grandchildren Visit February 27, 2019

Northwest Travis, Travis County
4 Fun Activities to Do When Your Grandchildren Visit, Northwest Travis, Texas

It’s always exciting when your grandchildren come to visit you at your assisted living community. And yet, as much fun as it is to hear about their school day and to marvel at the ways they have grown, you may wonder if there are certain activities that might entice their interest. The guide below lists suggestions for how to spend this quality time.

How to Make the Most of Time With Your Grandchildren

1. Read a Book Together

Find a book that you loved as a child and read a few chapters aloud with your grandchildren when they come to visit. Not only can it give you something in common to talk about, but it will be something they look forward to every time.

2. Go on a Nature Walk

assisted livingIf it’s warm and sunny when your grandchildren are around, take them on a leisurely stroll. Along the way, you can introduce them to your friends at the assisted living community. 

3. Watch a Movie

Alternatively, if it’s rainy or gloomy, take the opportunity to introduce your grandchildren to your favorite black and white movie or have them show you their favorite flick. It can also be convenient if there are multiple family members there at the assisted living center wanting to spend the day with you.

4. Take Them Swimming 

Everyone from little kids to adults can enjoy spending time in the pool. This gentle exercise can be beneficial for both of you and offers plenty of opportunities to play games—from Marco Polo to a treasure hunt.


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