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3 HVAC Adjustments to Consider When You Have a Pet February 27, 2019

Fort Worth, Tarrant
3 HVAC Adjustments to Consider When You Have a Pet, Fort Worth, Texas

Pets are lovable members of the family. However, just as they may cause you to adjust your daily routine, they can also complicate HVAC maintenance. The guide below explains what tweaks should be made to create a healthier home environment and ensure you won’t need an early visit from your HVAC contractor.

How Pet Parents Should Take Care of Their HVAC System

1. Change the Air Filter More Frequently

HVAC contractorWhen you have a pet, it means there will be more dander and hair in the air. Eventually, those particles will circulate through the HVAC system and get stuck in the filter, which will not only create blockages but can also trigger allergic reactions and respiratory issues in your household. To alleviate these problems, it’s smart to check the filter every 2-3 weeks and replace it if it’s jammed. If neglected for too long, the unit may experience a breakdown requiring professional help from an HVAC contractor.

2. Try to Keep the Equilibrium While You’re Away

Once you head out for work or vacation, it can be tempting to shut off the HVAC system to lower the utility bill at the end of the month. Completely cutting off the heat or cool air, though, can harm your cat or dog. They’re sensitive to the temperature, just like humans, and an extreme shift can make them sick or, at the very least, cause them stress due to the sudden change.

3. Safeguard the Equipment

No matter where your HVAC equipment is located, protect it from your pets. There’s always a chance they’ll urinate on or next to the outdoor condenser, so consider adding a small fence around it. Inside, try to keep the room with your unit in it closed off, so your dog or cat can’t come in and start nibbling on the wires. HVAC contractors warn that, in addition to causing extensive damage, they may risk their own safety in the process.


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