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How to Maintain Your Commercial Trucks in the Winter February 18, 2019

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How to Maintain Your Commercial Trucks in the Winter, Henrietta, New York

Winter brings harsh temperatures, road salt, and other conditions that can be especially difficult on commercial trucks, causing premature failures and accidents even if you stick to a strict maintenance schedule. When the mercury drops, adding a few extra steps to your routine maintenance schedule will help ensure your vehicles are ready for whatever the road might throw their away. Below are a few tips every commercial owner should keep in mind.

4 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Truck Fleet

1. Check Your Batteries

Cold weather drains batteries and makes it more difficult to hold a charge, so test the voltage on a regular basis. As soon as they don’t meet the charging specifications, swap out the batteries to avoid unexpected, potentially dangerous delays and keep everything running on schedule.

2. Use Winter Fuel Additives

commercial truckCommercial diesel fuel contains paraffin, which crystallizes in extreme temperatures and gums up the system. Using winter-blend fuel, which has a higher cetane rating and agents specially designed to prevent gelling, will protect the fuel injection system and prevent unnecessary maintenance.

3 Inspect the Heating & Cooling System

When inspecting the tires and other essential equipment, have your team check the antifreeze levels to ensure the best performance possible. Hoses, belts, and the radiator itself should also be examined on a regular basis and any defects fixed before the truck goes back out on the road.

4. Invest in Engine Heaters

Most drivers know that diesel trucks are harder to start in cold weather than gasoline engines thanks to the higher cylinder temperature required for ignition. Equipping each of your commercial trucks with an engine block heater will minimize downtime caused by stranded drivers unable to start their vehicles in the morning.


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