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5 Ways to Help Your Preschool Child Love Reading March 1, 2019

Plymouth, Plymouth
5 Ways to Help Your Preschool Child Love Reading, Plymouth, Michigan

Developing a child’s reading skills is vital to their academic success, but when your preschool child is ambivalent about reading, that can be challenging. Forcing a child to read can have the opposite effect, turning them away from a love of books. But how can you encourage your child to read while making it fun? Here are a few ideas.

5 Ideas for Nurturing a Love of Reading in Your Preschool Child

1. Lead by Example

Your little one wants to be like you. Show them just how important reading is by sitting down for some reading time yourself. Consider setting aside an hour a day for family reading time, where everyone enjoys a book on their own or together, free from screens and distractions.

2. Read to a Dog

preschoolMany public libraries offer programs for children to read to a therapy dog. Studies show that kids feel safe and less self-conscious about their ability to read when they’re reading with a canine friend. 

3. Include Audiobooks

Reading the printed word is important, but hearing stories aloud will also help your child appreciate the value of a great book. Instead of listening to music in the car, try an audiobook. You could also give them the physical book to read along with the audio.

4. Create a Reading Space

Create a fun and cozy space in your house for reading. A bookshelf with their favorite books, pillows for sitting on, stuffed toys to cuddle, and a lamp to read by will make your child feel comforted and happy as they settle in to enjoy a book.

5. Always Be Reading

Everyday tasks present the perfect opportunity to read together. Whether you’re having lunch at a restaurant, heading to the park, or making dinner, you can always read with your child. Read a recipe together, read street signs aloud, or move your finger along under the words while you read a menu together.


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