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The Differences Between Hard & Soft Water February 18, 2019

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The Differences Between Hard & Soft Water, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

The quality of your water supply can play a significant role in the ease with which you perform daily household tasks. When water is hard, it can impact everything from the appearance of your dishes to the texture of your clothes. Many homeowners choose to soften their residential water system’s supply to protect the integrity of their possessions and make it easier to perform basic chores. 

What Causes Hardness in the Water Supply?

Most residential systems supply hard water. The hardness refers to the heavy concentration of dissolved minerals in the fluid, including calcium and magnesium. The hardness depends on the quantity of minerals present. Many rural homes with well drilling installations have hard water because the supply is sourced from groundwater which percolates through areas rich in numerous trace minerals.

What Are Some Issues Associated With Hard Water?

residential water systemAlthough hard water doesn’t pose a specific health risk, it does have an impact on some areas of the home. The minerals may cause buildup to develop on your pipes and could even lead to reduced water pressure if the problem continues for years. Dishwasher and laundry detergents don’t lather as effectively with hard water, either. As a result, your dishes may appear stained and prematurely worn. Clothes may feel rough and become discolored, and it might be difficult for the machine to remove some stains. If you have to wash items repeatedly, you probably spend more on water and energy than you’d prefer.

How Does Water Become Soft?

Conversely, soft water contains high quantities of sodium. Although it’s a natural occurrence in some residential water systems, most of the time soft water becomes that way through treatments provided by a well drilling company. The elevated sodium may affect the water’s taste, but it also promotes cleaner dishes and clothes. You’ll also notice fewer stains on fixtures and might save money that you’d otherwise spend on repeated cleanings.

Which Is the Right Choice?

If the hard water provided by your residential water system concerns you, it’s worth asking about a conditioner. Adding a softening product to the supply removes the impurities and produces a softer liquid. That’s important if you frequently deal with stain removal issues and aren’t satisfied with the way hard water treats your belongings.


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