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Why Do You Hook Your Golf Swing? February 25, 2019

Onalaska, La Crosse County
Why Do You Hook Your Golf Swing?, Onalaska, Wisconsin

It’s common for golfers to have a minor hook in their swing. This can throw off the direction of the ball and cause it to land further from the original destination. While practicing is the best way to perfect your golf game, understanding the reasons behind this problem could help straighten everything out.

3 Reasons There’s a Hook in Your Swing

1. The Club Alignment Is Off

One of the first areas to focus on is the direction of your golf club. If the angle is just a little bit off, there’s a good chance the ball will go sailing off in the opposite direction of where it’s meant to go. Take the swinging position and lift the golf club until your hands are at your waist. Check to make sure the club is facing the target and adjust as necessary to ensure it stays straight through the entire swing.

2. Your Grip Isn’t Correct

golfGolf clubs that are held too tightly tend to curve a little more during the swing and can cause the ball to be thrown off course. Hold the club and place the head on the ground; look down and count the number of knuckles that you can see. If one hand has more that are visible than the other, it might be that the grip is too tight. Try rotating the hand with the least amount of knuckles showing just slightly and practice a few shots to see the difference it makes.

3. There’s Not Enough Rotation

The amount of rotation that occurs throughout the swing can affect the direction of the ball. Stopping too early could cause the arms to compensate for the forward motion and hook the ball over to one side. An easy way to correct this is by turning your forward foot out a little when beginning the swing. The angle of the foot will encourage your body to complete more of a rotation so that the arms maintain a straight line.


If you consistently slice or hook your golf shot, you need to find a space to perfect your game. Coulee Golf Bowl was designed in 1962 and features nine beautiful holes. It’s known as the premier recreation facility in Onalaska, WI, and has a staff of friendly professionals who are highly trained in customer service. Learn more about the course by visiting their website, or call (608) 781-1111 to secure a tee time.

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