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4 FAQ About Brown Recluse Spiders February 26, 2019

Maineville, Warren
4 FAQ About Brown Recluse Spiders, Maineville, Ohio

Many people have an instinctive fear of spiders. In most cases, the concern is unwarranted; the vast majority of spiders are harmless and avoid contact with humans. Brown recluses, however, are a type of arachnid that should be treated with caution and removed by a pest control company. To demystify them, here are some answers to frequent questions about brown recluses.

4 Common Questions About Brown Recluses

Are These Spiders Dangerous?

When most people think of brown recluses, their first question is whether these spiders can hurt them. Despite having venom, they still avoid humans and will only attack if they feel threatened. While popular culture loves to present them as dangerous, most people will not suffer lasting harm from their bite. Nonetheless, if you have been bitten, seek medical attention immediately. 

How Can I Identify These Spiders?

Brown recluses are mostly light brown with long, pointed legs. They have a darker pattern on their back resembling a violin in shape, which has given them the moniker of “fiddleback spider” in some regions. These spiders vary in size; young ones don’t develop the violin markings until they mature into adults.

Where Do Brown Recluses Live?

pest controlThe brown recluse is one of the few venomous spiders that’s native to the United States. Geographically, they’re located in the regions between Nebraska and Ohio and also between Texas and Florida. Their preferred habitat is a dry, dark, and warm location, like a cellar, a cardboard box, or the underside of a log.

How Can I Get Rid of Them?

Because of their venom, leave dealing with these spiders to a pest control company. These pest control experts use pesticides and fumes to destroy infestations. To prevent brown recluses from reappearing in your home, inspect the walls for small openings and move piles of brush and firewood at least 20 feet from the residence.


If you’re seeking pest control experts to remove brown recluses, other spiders, ants, roaches, termites, or other pests, call the professionals at BUG-A-PEST, LLC in Mason, Maineville, OH. They have over 25 years of experience providing pest solutions to homes and businesses throughout the region, and they’re committed to providing knowledgeable and efficient services, as evidenced by their membership in the National Pest Management Association®. Learn more about their services today by visiting them online or calling (513) 459-7700.

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