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What’s the Difference Between CT Scans & X-Rays? February 22, 2019

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What’s the Difference Between CT Scans & X-Rays?, Kenai, Alaska

Diagnostic imaging plays a crucial role in detecting and treating a number of health issues. There are various types that target different areas of the body, and CT scans and X-rays are two of the most common. Each has unique uses, and it’s important to understand what they focus on. They’re both painless procedures, and by knowing what to expect during a scan, you can alleviate any concerns you have.

Your Guide to CT Scans & X-Rays

CT Scans

ct-scansCT scans—computerized tomography—allow doctors to take an in-depth look at the soft tissue and bones in your body. The imaging machine uses a combination of multiple X-rays to create a 3-D image of areas like the spine, chest, and brain. These can be used to diagnose infections, identify cancer, and examine things as intricate as the blood vessels. During the exam, you’ll lay on a table that slides into the CT scanner. The X-rays will rotate around the area being examined to create the 3-D image. It can be completed in a few minutes and is completely painless.


X-rays are primarily used to diagnose bone issues, though they can also identify cancer and other growths. As safe levels of radiation pass through your body, they capture the intricacies of your skeletal structure when they hit bones. This allows your doctor to closely examine fractures, breaks, infections, and other problems. During the procedure, you’ll lay on a table while the X-ray machine is positioned over the target area. The procedure is painless and can be completed in a few minutes.


If your doctor has prescribed diagnostic imaging, it’s important to find a reputable imaging center. Kenai Peninsula Imaging Center is proud to be a leading diagnostic practice in Alaska and offers a number of services, including CT scans, X-rays, and MRIs. Their staff is committed to capturing accurate results and keeping their patients comfortable. They’ll work closely with you throughout the procedure and ensure your physician receives everything they need following the scan. Call (907) 335-4674 today to schedule an exam and visit their website to learn more about their imaging center.

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