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Is Attic Insulation Making Your House Feel Cold? February 22, 2019

Omaha, Douglas
Is Attic Insulation Making Your House Feel Cold?, Omaha, Nebraska

If your attic insulation is in bad condition or otherwise inadequate, it will become uncomfortably apparent in winter. Knowing what to do to fix an insulation problem allows you to feel comfortable in your home and also saves you a fortune on heating bills. If it seems like you’re constantly running your heating system and still feeling a draft, this guide can help.

The Impact of Attic Insulation on Home Comfort

Why Are Attics Important?

All the warm air that your HVAC produces rises, which is why attics and second floors tend to be warmer than the lower ones. As a result, all your home’s heat will move upward and escape through the attic to the outdoors. Your attic needs a strong thermal barrier to lock in that heat and reflect it back down into the living areas. You will need to locate and close any air leaks, then strengthen your insulation.

What Can You Do To Stay Warm? 

attic insulationAn attic ventilation professional can use thermal imaging equipment to find any air leaks in your attic. They can then create a barrier by filling the cracks with foam. Seal off the living spaces by insulating between and over the floor joists. If you have air distribution in the attic itself, insulate the rafters instead. The two most common attic insulation options are loose-fill and batt; your contractor can help you determine the right type for your attic, depending on its layout and your needs. Ask them to install at least an R-30 value, which provides an effective level of heat flow resistance.


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