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3 Considerations for Residential Fence Installation February 22, 2019

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3 Considerations for Residential Fence Installation, Dothan, Alabama

Installing a fence is an endeavor that can pay off tremendously in terms of adding aesthetic value to your property. Your fence can also provide a functional barrier to keep pets and children within your boundary lines, and deter pests or trespassers. Because fences can achieve so much and are available in a vast range of styles, it’s important to put some time and thought into your decisions as you prepare for a fence installation.

Planning a Fence Installation? Keep These Tips in Mind

1. Consider Your Main Purpose

Many homeowners set out to have a fence built to satisfy a specific need. Whether your goal is to keep property lines clearly defined, add some privacy to your backyard, or keep pets in, your overarching goal will help guide many of your decisions. Certain materials are better suited for distinct purposes. For example, while vinyl and wood fences offer privacy depending on height, aluminum fences offer security and containment.

2. Establish a Budget

Fencing materials can vary significantly in price, so it’s important to select an option that aligns with your budget. Chain link fences are among the most economical options available and form a definite barrier while offering containment for pets and small children. Aluminum and vinyl tend to be more expensive, while wood tends to be an ideal middle-of-the-road option for many homeowners.

3. Think About Visual Impact

fence installationA final but important aspect to consider is how your new fence will influence your property’s overall appearance. Make sure the material and color are suited for the style of your home. For example, a large, stately home can be accented with an ornamental fence, while sleek, contemporary architecture might warrant a streamlined, minimalist aluminum style.


No matter what you’re envisioning for your residential fence installation, Coastal Southern Fence & Deck can bring it to life. Based in Dothan, AL, the trusted builders have served the tri-state area of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia for more than 18 years. Offering standard and custom-designed fences in a range of materials, they provide versatile options to accommodate each property’s unique needs, budget, and aesthetic goals. Set up an appointment on their website or call (334) 718-4708 to request an estimate today.