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A Senior’s Guide to Walking Safely in Winter February 25, 2019

Gravois Park, St. Louis
A Senior’s Guide to Walking Safely in Winter, St. Louis, Missouri

Winter is a great time to go out for a stroll and also an important season to stay active. Many people, especially seniors with mobility limitations, aren’t able to get as much exercise as in the warmer months. Walking, luckily, is highly accessible and something you can do almost any time. There are safety tips to take, however, as the likelihood of a slip and fall increases. Below, you’ll find ways to protect yourself, the health benefits you may also enjoy, and how a home health care professional can help.

The Health Benefits of Walking

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that seniors are less likely to experience disabilities if they engage in regular exercise while walking. 1600 patients between the ages of 70-89 underwent various exercise programs. After a 2.5-year monitoring period, those who walked on a regular basis were 28% less likely to become disabled and 18% less likely to experience temporary disability. Walking also burns calories, which can combat obesity and the related diseases like diabetes; by keeping the joints active, you may avoid inflammation and other debilitating issues.

The Safety Tips

home-health-care-deer-valley-home-health-servicesBefore you walk during the winter, invest in a pair of comfortable winter boots. They should have plenty of traction on the bottom, support extending up through the ankles, and ample heel cushion for comfort. When walking, avoid slippery surfaces. It’s also wise to invest in waterproof boots to keep your feet dry.

Bundle up well to avoid hypothermia. It’s always best to wear layers so you can take any off as needed. Always let someone know where you’re going or take a home health care professional with you for support. Sticking with these minor steps will ensure you stay safe and enjoy the winter outdoors.


Deer Valley Home Health Services is proud to offer home health care services to patients of every age throughout Berkeley, St. Charles, and St. Louis, MO. Whether you’re a senior who needs regular caregiver assistance or simply need a hand while you recover from surgery, you can count on this home health agency to ensure all of your needs are met. Call (314) 355-3679 to speak with their home health care staff and visit their website for a full breakdown of their services.

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