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3 Tips to Prevent Burns From Wet Cement March 1, 2019

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3 Tips to Prevent Burns From Wet Cement, Windham, Connecticut

Due to its strength and durability, concrete is used for a wide variety of applications. When walking your dog or letting little ones play outside, it’s possible to come into contact with a freshly-poured sidewalk or driveway. Apart from aggregates and water, cement is one of the main ingredients of concrete, used to bind the material. When the calcium oxide in the powdery substance reacts with water, the pH rises. The high levels of alkaline can cause chemical burns. Taking the precautionary steps highlighted below will reduce your exposure to cement and prevent painful reactions.   

3 Ways to Avoid Cement Burns

1. Stay Away From Freshly-Poured Concrete

concreteIf you recently completed a home remodeling project, make sure to direct traffic away from concrete as it dries. In the case of a newly-constructed driveway or hardscape, place markers or caution tape around the installation. This will alert people to walk around the surface. If you are using cement for a project indoors, seal off the rooms and open windows so fumes can vent. 

2. Remove Contaminated Clothes & Shoes

If you accidentally walked over concrete or used cement for a DIY project, remove any clothing and shoes caked in the materials immediately. Otherwise, it can get through fabrics and seep through rubber shoe soles, increasing the risk of burns. If cement makes contact with skin, wash it off immediately for at least 15 minutes. Otherwise, the burn will become worse the longer the substance remains on your body.   

3. Be Vigilant

Burns can form slowly, so check your skin after exposure for redness and dry patches. Itching, blisters, and pain are also signs that a burn is forming. In this case, wash the affected area with water and vinegar or another acidic solution to ease symptoms. Next, seek out a medical professional for help. They will dress the area and administer antibiotics if needed to stop infection. 



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